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Visual Sensations for Women is dedicated to bringing visual pleasures of the opposite gender to women.  It explores and promotes those heterosexual situations in which men are presented to women naked in all their exposed glory and vulnerability, without the women themselves being nude.    The clothed-female/naked-man ("CFNM") theme is integral to this site as  turning the societal tables allow women the opportunity to observe all aspects of men on display naked and vulnerable, without affording the men the same.

 It is this inequity that creates a new dynamic in the traditional roles that we celebrate and promote.   Such dynamics need not be confined to a sexual environment such as the bedroom, as they are frequently found in vocational activities, ceremonial rites, exotic balls, recreational activities and entertainment.  All of these situations, and more, are highlighted and explored here with photographs and real stories.

Empowering the female in our society is an important aspect of what we do.   Regardless of whether you are a visual woman that enjoys the aesthetics of the nude male, a feminist that delights in witnessing men denuded  of their power and clothes in front of other women, or a dominant female that enjoys watching a man stripped naked and humiliated, we invite all women (and men) of an adult age to enjoy the photos and stories contained herein to further this community.

Please note that this is not a place for aggressive male exhibitionism, but rather for unanswered female voyeurism.   Unlike park bench flashing where the woman is affronted by a man (which we find obnoxious and offensive), in here it is the woman with the control of the situation, not the man.  

We hope this site brings you enjoyment and the desire to join us in spreading this theme to many other mediums and venues.



Below are links to topics and photographs related to Visual Sensations for Women.  Our non-fictional stories are actual, real-life occurrences as reported by the authors. When possible, we verify their authenticity, but often must rely upon common sense before publishing them. Fantasy stories may also be found, but they are presented as fictional. 

We believe most, if not all, photographs are actual depictions of the events discussed.  If a photograph is observed that has copyright protection elsewhere, please contact us and we will expeditiously remove it. 


 This is a site intended SOLELY for ADULTS.  Graphic nudity is depicted within the pages of this site.   If you are under the age of 18 years old, you prohibited from entering this site.  By entering this site, you agree you are of an adult age.


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